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Our third, “Scene on the Green” was judged by all to be a great success. Despite dire forecasts from the BBC Weather, the Gods and the Sun decided to shine on us.

We were up against fierce competition on the day from another music festival not far away, but we had a stellar line-up, free entry and much easier access, not to mention our much superior catering.


We are very grateful to Peter Fenton who organised and brought the musicians and of course the musicians themselves who all provided their time and talent for free. In no particular order; Archangel, Last Smilin Villains, John McIain Band, The River, Celtic Kirtan, Alan Grant, All In, Earthly Connections, Matthew Simpson, Rowdy Yates, Stuart & Gill, Petra Jolly, Willie Sinclair, Dave McClaggan. It is wonderful that these talented musicians are happy to play, simply for our and their own enjoyment.


The event wouldn’t happen without our PVA Committee and the army of willing volunteers who set up and ran the teas & cakes, bbq, bar and raffle.   I hope they all enjoyed their day too.


Thanks also to P&K Council for sending along their Crazy Golf.  And thanks for everyone who attended and helped make our event worthwhile.


We raised well over £800 in total – (still some leftovers to sell) and we feel well able to share with a deserving charity as we’ve done previously. So Maggie’s Cancer Centres will also benefit from the day.


Andrew Still


Pitcairngreen Village Association


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