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GROW talk

Thursday 10th Jan 2019 6.30pm - 8.30pm


Deborah will introduce us to the GROW project ( and explain how we can get involved with citizen science. She will also be bringing some soil monitors if anyone would like to put them in their growing patch.


The GROW Observatory is a European-wide project engaging thousands of growers, scientists and others passionate about the land. We will discover together, using simple tools to better manage soil and grow food, while contributing to vital scientific environmental monitoring.  Two challenges that GROW is focusing on are saving our soils and adapting to climate change. By helping people understand and improve both soil and food growing practices, by contributing soil moisture data over a large geographical scale and by empowering people to work on these topics collaboratively we can aid climate science, impact on policy, and make a difference in our own actions. This means we can help respond to the crucial sustainability challenges the planet faces.


This event is free to Perthshire Organic Gardeners members, £5 for non-members.