Committee Membership

Andrew Still              (Chair)

Eve Thomson           (Secretary)

Wilma Lumsden       (Treasurer)

Elspeth Farmer        (Booking Secretary)

Jim McWilliams        (Events Organiser)

Andy Young              Trustee

Crawford Scott          Trustee

Key Documents

Code of Conduct Constitution

Minutes of Previous Meetings

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The Committee currently meets on the second Monday evening of each month.  Feedback from members of the Association and Hall Users is vital to ensure that we are providing the right services.  If you have any comments, queries or other matters you wish us to consider, please use the form below or contact us using the details at the top of the page.  

Approved Minutes - 20 Feb 2015 Approved Minutes - 9 Feb 2015 Approved Minutes - 8 Dec 2014 Approved Minutes - 10 Nov 2014 Approved Minutes - 13 Oct 2014 Accounts